Why Choose a Montessori Program?

In this day and age where so many changes and advancements are being made in every facet of human life, it is important to know why parents still choose the Montessori way of learning. Doctor Maria Montessori developed the Montessori philosophy of Education because she wanted children to be molded into a human being who can make the world a better place for future generations. Below is a short overview of the benefits of Montessori Education:


Choosing an early education program for your child is not an easy endeavor and is one of the most important decisions that a parent makes. Children under the Montessori program will learn not only the core subjects but soft skills of partnership, self-motivation, social awareness, problem-solving, and independence. If you strongly believe in these things the way we do, then Montessori and All About Me Daycare is for you.

Montessori Curriculum

Mathematics Counts

Children easily absorb concepts on numbers, symbols, digits, operations, and basic mathematical facts through the use of manipulative toys. The Basis -ten system of organizing numbers is presented to children in a progressive manner to allow them to fully grasp fundamental specialized skills in Math.

Language Speaks

In our Language Course, we are focused in developing both the Receptive Language and Expressive Language of children. The course also uses the phonetic approach in preparation for linking sounds and letters. Tools such as movable alphabets, pictures, and objects are accessible to help prepare the child for both oral and written language.

Practical Life

Children are motivated to be more independent by presenting to them a wide range of exercises that promote self-help skills. In accomplishing a certain exercise, the child will be able to apply concentration, cognitive order, motor skills as well as a boost of confidence. 

Sensorial experience

Children are provided with sensorial tools to enrich the five senses. These tools allow them to explore cues on height, weight, width, shape, color, sound, taste, smell and texture. Exposure to these cues boosts the child’s mathematical and language growth in preparation for logical thinking.

Science Discovery

Children learn about areas such as Botany, Zoology, Geography, and other wonderful areas of Science. These subjects contribute in stimulating interest in natural life, the universe as well as recognize their own significance in the Earth.

Music, Arts and Culture


Multicultural subjects are considered as integral parts of our core curriculum. Children are exposed to history, music, and arts. They are encouraged to discover alternative ways of self-expression and that is through singing, drawing, painting, and the likes. Exposure to different cultures broadens the children’s point of view and develops their awareness which in turn teaches them to respect every individual.